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Posted by on Sep 16, 2013

Surfing Back Pain – Not so Manly  ©

Surfing Back Pain – Not so Manly ©

  Would you knowingly set yourself up for a wipeout? We’re not talking about doing it  for the opportunity of a great wave, nor for a cool photo opportunity… No, just setting yourself up for a painful hammering that will take you out of surfing (for at least 6 weeks) and stop you from enjoying your daily work and social activities.  You wouldn’t do it.  But this is the type of wipeout that happens to a lot of surfers… Lower back or lumbar spine injuries are surprisingly common for Manly Beach surfers. There is NOTHING cool about a dodgy back that makes you weaker than a sick kitten and keeps you out of the waves for weeks on end. Surfing back injuries are usually ‘insidious’. That means they sneak up over time due to postural imbalances, previous trauma and bad movement patterns.  All these factors lead to damage of the spinal joints and supporting muscles.  This can irritate nerves leading to further problems in the hips and lower limbs....

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