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Posted by on Oct 22, 2014

Collaroy is Talking Behind my Back ©

Collaroy is Talking Behind my Back ©


I hear people say, “I love what you do, I tell people about it all the time”.

It happened again recently.  Someone said, “I want everyone to experience this, I can’t stop talking about it!”  When I asked what she tells people, the reply was very familiar, “Well, what you do is hard to explain”.


The Northern Beaches are talking about this new path to health…


But no one knows what to say!

If I can share one thing with you, it’s that a course of Light Touch Corrective care doesn’t add something you don’t already possess.  The Light Touch Process teaches your system to reconnect, to re-align, and discover a better life.  The feelings you experience and the health benefits you enjoy are because of what we set free.

There are many reasons why Light Touch Chiropractic obtains such profound results, some quite complicated.  We can explain it via Prigogine’s Nobel Prize winning work on living systems and chaos theory.  Or through evolutionary biology and functional neurology.  We can also look at the neuro-matrix theories of the latest pain science.  These are all interesting and valid, but let us start with a simple way to communicate what I do…


Picture yourself traveling along the path of life


Except that whilst you travel you’re wearing a backpack.

As you walk along life’s path your backpack collects rocks. You don’t really notice these rocks because they’ve been accumulating gradually, your whole life, one here and one there.

Until you’re where you are today – trying your best to put one foot in front of the other, but loaded down with a backpack full of rocks. The real catch is that up until now you don’t know that the backpack is there, so you think that its normal for life to be a bit of a drag…

It isn’t

Life can be so much better.


What if those rocks weren’t weren’t there?


Well… You’d be thinking, wow, the journey can be painless, it can be easy. In fact, the journey of life is fun. You’d be able to travel along your journey with less effort and more enjoyment.

Even if the path gets a little rough, things will be ok, because, you can leap tall challenges in  single bound.

…And that’s a simple way to explain what I do.


If that sounds over-simplified. Then try this…


Those ‘rocks in your backpack’ that weigh you down are actually layers of Physically Retained Stress.

Physically Retained Stress accumulates causing tension, structural imbalances and challenging your nervous system’s ability to maintain a balance and create health.  The sensations you feel during a Light Touch adjustment, the ease of breath and that light, floating relaxation as you unwind is your system gently releasing the physically retained stress and finding a new level of ease, alignment and health.


Releasing Physically Retained Stress is the key to health


A reduction in Physically Retained stress allows your body to naturally reduce pain, resolve injuries and re-balance to a higher level of function. Whether new or chronic conditions, they are both a secondary result of the same accumulation of Physically Retained Stress.

You’ll also notice more energy and clarity without all those rocks to carry around. Athletes, enjoy increased recovery and efficiency.

A nervous system that is clear of stress, and a structure that can self correct after life’s bumps provides an opportunity to be the best you and enjoy your best life.


Learn more…

What are the rocks in your backpack?

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I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind Regards,

Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness

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