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Organic Supplements – Health Made Easy


Healthy nutrition is simple.  Just eat a natural, organic whole food diet sufficient in all the nutrients your body requires to create health and devoid of any toxicities and chemicals that challenge your body’s ability to create health…  This is ‘simple’, but not always ‘easy’.

Modern life often imposes timetables that often make it difficult to maintain a perfect diet.  We need something to fill in the gaps and this is where supplements can actually be of help.

Unfortunately many popular lines of supplement contain synthetic chemicals or ineffective ingredients that don’t actually provide a healthy alternative.

Joining forces with Dr Ranga PhD, a nutrition consultant, we investigated many products in our search for something that satisfy our natural health philosophy and nutritional needs and made health easy.
The search led us to the 7.2 range of organic supplements.


manly chiropractor healthy diet alkaline

  RECOVERY – Powerful antioxidant tablets

  SHAKE – Organic non-animal protein shake

  GREENS  – Organic greens drink powder (also in capsules)

  ALKALINE BOOSTER – Balances our acid causing lifestyle



Whether you are a competitive athlete, an executive on the go or a busy Mum who wants the best for her family, the range of 7.2 organic supplements has something to offer…


For more product information see below or read the 10 page booklet here:  “Seven point 2, making it simple”.



manly chiropractor antioxidant for pain inflammation

manly chiropractor health antioxidant hydrogen therapy

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7.2 Recovery with HydroFX™ – 90 tablets

A unique blend of redox-active, hydrogen-generating alkaline minerals.  The patent pending process used to create HydroFX™ was developed by a PhD, Chemist and Scientist with 30 years experience in this field.  This breakthrough proprietary formula has been clinically tested to release molecular hydrogen, produce a negative oxidation reduction potential, creating an anti-acid, alkalizing effect and increasing cellular hydration.  RecoveryFX is shown to naturally reduce inflammation, increase recovery and performance.  Perhaps the most notable benefits of 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX™is its ability to release such a significant amount of molecular hydrogen (H2).

RRP $60.40  (Ask about our patient-only discount package on your next visit)



manly chiropractor healthy muscle protein shake

manly chiro protein nutrition

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manly chiropractor healthy protein shake

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7.2 Protein Shake – 868g (vegan)

This protein shake has something for everyone. If you are sensitive or allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, artificial colors/ sweeteners, or MSG, the 7.2 Shake is for you. From athletes to busy Mums, anyone needing a healthy source of great tasting protein will find the 7.2 Shake a very helpful product (packed with 21 grams of plant protein per serve). Suitable for health enthusiasts who want organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients. For busy parents whose children balk at breakfast time, being able to offer a healthy 7.2 breakfast shake is a dream come true (earning it the nickname “The Shake That Tastes Like Cake”).

RRP $92.72  (Ask about our patient-only discount package on your next visit – and get Andrew to share his own 7.2  shake recipes)



manly chiropractor alkaline health greens

manly chiropractor alkalize alkaline diet

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7.2 Greens – 285g (vegan)

These Delicious Greens have dozens of healthy green foods in a powder form that you can mix in water or any beverage you like.  Sourced from organic produce using processes to preserve the nutritional benefits and, unlike most other greens products, these greens actually taste good.  It doesn’t taste like stagnant pond water or something scraped from the bottom of your lawn mower…  Click the image to hear more about this product.  Mums, you can combine powdered greens with the 7.2 protein shake to make delicious green health smoothies…  Or, as my nephew calls them, “A Hulk Shake”.

RRP $75.87  (Ask about our patient-only discount package on your next visit)



manly chiropractor alkaline booster sleep healthy

manly chiropractor alkaline booster sleep healthy

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7.2 Alkaline Booster – 120 capsules (vegetarian).

Constantly eating the right foods, while incredibly rewarding, can sometimes be difficult.  Business lunches, social coffees and fast dinners on-the-run all conspire to reduce our health.  It’s an unfortunate side effect of life.  The 7.2 alkaline booster contains ingredients to help you maintain a balance whilst still participating in your modern life.

RRP $60.40  (Ask about our patient-only discount package on your next visit)



manly chiropractor healthy alkaline greens drink

manly chiropractor alkalize alkaline diet

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7.2 Greens Caps – 90 capsules

100% Organic and super convenient, easy To Swallow Capsule,  7.2 Green Caps are 100% whole food, non-GMO plant based nutrition, they are dairy free, soy free, nut free, nightshade free, sugar free and free of all artificial ingredients.  7.2 Green Caps contain concentrated organic wheat grass, barley grass and oat grass juice using high density molecular processing making it 4X more potent than our Greens powder, like having extra-strength Greens.

RRP $44.94  (Ask about our patient-only discount package on your next visit)