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Imagine you had a handy guide that made health decisions simple, constantly leading you closer to a healthy life.  Kind of like a GPS system that removes the confusion and keeps you on track toward a higher level of living.

You can become your own health coach by knowing the answer to 3 questions and learning 5 simple principles.  Make healthier decisions and create healthier behaviours, to build your best life.

Dr Andrew Maher’s health presentations create an entertaining, engaging atmosphere.  He teaches a new paradigm of true health based on simple scientific truths.   His presentations clarify and motivate by providing a health formula that is easy to understand and simple to apply.

Participants want to implement the principles immediately because finally they have been  given an understanding of the ‘why’ behind health.  Andrew’s health presentations are suitable for small or large groups, they have been presented to parents, sporting clubs and corporate clients such as Cisco.

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