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Posted by on Aug 27, 2017

Collaroy Running, Gratitude Run 27/8©

Collaroy Running, Gratitude Run 27/8©



Collaroy Beach to Long Reef Headland Gratitude Run


We’re all doing it you know, feeling incomplete, constantly wanting more.  Ancient defense responses, buried deep down in the evolutionary development of our nervous system, become confused by the physiological stressors of modern life.

Your natural healthy drive for life’s simple survival staples becomes hyper-stimulated, then distorted through a lens of superficial consumerism and marketing.

This disconnection from the innate self results in a confused yearning, the belief we can only become complete through things which exist outside our selves.

These mornings we share build a path back to what is true. They let us feel what it is to have enough.  With the contentment created through immersion in our weekly morning ritual you’ll find yourself connected to an even greater truth…

YOU are enough.


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Collaroy Beach’s Gratitude Run was the brainchild of Renata Malinauskas.  Renata is the fitness trainer, dietitian, meditation coach, all-round Health Lovely and owner of Holistic Movement Studio. Holistic Movement Studio is fast becoming the favourite fitness training, meditation and yoga centre in Collaroy. Your search for an holistic fitness centre that provides a full range of services and activities ends here. I highly recommend the Holistic Movement Studio at Collaroy Beach. Renata lives what she teaches and has crafted something really special, and truly holistic.


See you at next week’s run!
Simply meet us at Collaroy Beach, on Sunday mornings at 8am.

Learn more about the Light Touch process..


Dr Andrew Maher.

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness.


Collaroy Gratitude Run details:
Leaves from Collaroy Beach walkway, on the South side of the Collaroy Beach Club at 8:00am. We run up to the headland, regroup, then loop around Long Reef golf course and back to where we start from.  Bring your runners, a smile and a bit of change for a cuppa. It’s an easy, social pace. All levels are welcome. As the water warms up some of us may jump in the surf for a post-run dip, so feel free to bring swimmers/towel.

Long Reef headland map

Long Reef headland map

Follow these facebook pages for updates on next week’s gratitude run:



[Unfortunately necessary disclaimer: The Gratitude Run is simply a community of friends enjoying a social run together. By running with us you are agreeing to be responsible for your own safety at all times. Please consult a suitable healthcare provider before beginning a new fitness activity.]