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Dr Andrew Maher, Manly Chiropractor

Dr Andrew Maher. Chiropractor Manly

Gentle, holistic Chiropractor serving Manly and the Northern Beaches.

I consider health and wellness with a holistic understanding that, ultimately, all health and wellness comes from within.  Your body is a natural ecosystem.  Nature always strives for balance.  In most instances your body can heal and be well – if you remove what is obstructing its natural balance.

Unique, effective gentle Chiropractic care for Manly.

My search for the key to expressing true health and living 100% life led to the unique Light Touch Chiropractic process.  This cutting edge technique reconnects you to your natural healing abilities by helping you remove accumulated stress that is retained in your body and physiology.  Applying the Light Touch Chiropractic process in a gentle honouring manner enables me to provide you and your family with effective health solutions in a relaxed environment.


Active member of the healthy Manly Community.

My interest in health and the human potential began early as an elite gymnast.  This has continued through involvement in pursuits such as ocean swimming with ‘The Bold and Beautiful‘, cycling with ‘The Fixed Wheel‘ team.  Along with running, yoga at ‘Qi’, Brazilian jiujitsu, rockclimbing and all aspects of the Northern Beaches surf lifestyle.

Leading by example, I live in a manner which is congruent with creating and maintaining a healthy life, both for myself and my community.  Holding 3 University degrees, I am also a qualified fitness/sports trainer.


Building the Northern Beaches community through gentle Chiropractic care.

When not caring for my patients at my Manly Chiropractor clinic, I volunteer my expertise and unique Chiropractic care to those less fortunate.  I’m one of the organisers and swimmers in Manly’s Bear Cottage Big Swim and am always interested in new opportunities to share my work supporting the Manly and Northern Beaches locals.*


Kind Regards,

Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness

* If you are an executive of a local community group, recreational club or organisation please contact us regarding community initiatives and VIP partnerships.  The blog “Chiropractic – The Mountain With No Summit” gives a further glimpse into my journey as Manly’s gentle Chiropractor.