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Posted by on Sep 18, 2013

Easier Pregnancy for Mums of Manly  ©

Easier Pregnancy for Mums of Manly ©


Four Principles for an easier pregnancy and birth.


Humans have been giving birth naturally for thousands of years.  You possess all that you require for a natural, healthy birth if you remove the interference to your body’s natural processes and abilities.   Balancing your body and nerve system allows childbirth to be the beautiful experience that you anticipate.

We are lucky here in Manly, in a city such as Sydney.  We have access to top medical intervention – should it be necessary.  However, living in a manner which honours your body’s natural requirements can minimise the level of intervening that is required in the natural process of childbirth.

There are four simple steps you can take for a more pleasurable experience during your term of pregnancy and childbirth.  These principles are found in obstetrics medical textbooks as key factors that make your term of pregnancy and the delivery of your baby as easy as possible.

At Light Touch Chiropractic in Manly, we call them

“The Four P’s of Pregnancy”…


1) Peace…

This relates to your neuro-emotional state.   Consistently reducing your stress levels and creating a clear nerve system is necessary for a smooth pregnancy and a happy healthy Baby.  Removing the accumulated effects of past stress and experiencing peace, benefits both you and Bub.  Your peaceful state of mind serves to ensure your Baby develops a healthy hormonal balance, giving Bub’s physiology the best start in life.

A clear nervous system ensures your body initiates the correct hormonal shifts during your term.  Allowing you to enjoy maximum benefit from the important hormonal cascades that occur during labour and delivery.

Meditation, yoga and gentle Chiropractic care reduces physically retained stress and helps restore clarity to the nervous system.  This creates peace and balance at a deep neurological level.


2) Power…

Your body is preparing for a big event – child birth.  So you want to be in tip top physical shape.

Olympic athletes understand that their muscles require optimal innervation if they are to have enough force and endurance  for a swift effective performance.  It is known that correct power and function of the uterus, via a  healthy neuro-muscular state, is directly linked to easier births.  Having optimal muscular function and being in your best condition gets you one step closer to a gold medal experience on the day of your big event.


3) Passenger… (guess who)

Your baby requires unencumbered space so it can best develop.  Reduced tension and balanced tone of the uterus and supporting muscles is necessary to provide the healthiest environment for your little passenger to move and grow.  Bub needs to shift around into different positions during the various stages of pregnancy, labour and birth.  The ability to move around with ease allows a better outcome for both of you.

Reduced tension of (and around) the uterus also leads to a much happier Mum during your whole term of pregnancy.  Your body will be able to carry out ALL of its functions with more ease.  Light Touch Chiropractic provides a unique process to gently release  and balance tensions throughout your body.


4) Parts…

Certain ‘parts’ of your body have to directly deal with the extra load requirements of pregnancy.  Your pelvis is made up of 3 bones.  The bone in the middle of your pelvis, at the back, is called the sacrum.  The sacrum must be able to move and tilt during childbirth.  The whole pelvis expands by about 10% as your baby moves through the birthing canal.  Your pelvis is a foundational part of your whole structure before, during and after you give birth to your child.

Your spine undergoes positional and load changes during the term of your pregnancy.  Your centre of gravity shifts, the curves in your spine exaggerate and the connective tissues of your joints become loose – even though you are carrying an increased load.  All of these factors add up to more demand on your body.  This can be exacerbated by any imbalances or weaknesses in your structure and physiology.

The ability to breathe easy and use your breathe correctly in an integral to an easy pregnancy birth.  Activating the diaphragm muscle’s full potential and releasing tensions held in this area brings a lot of comfort to mums, particularly in the third trimester.

Our modern living environment involves constant challenges and stresses to our body.  Many people have lower back, and pelvic imbalances, breathing and movement restrictions that will benefit from gentle chiropractic care.  For pregnant women such corrective care brings even more noticeable benefits.

Your body is rapidly changing, with increased load, changes in shape and size, shifts in centre of gravity and hormonal balance.  Maintaining correct structure and function of the body, as a whole, allows your journey to childbirth to be a pleasant path.



Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful natural experiences.

If you remove the interferences to your nerve system you can enjoy nature at her best.  Our gentle Light Touch Chiropractic allows your system to navigate the natural processes involved in pregnancy and childbirth with greater clarity.

Light Touch Chiropractic’s gentle care helps with all of ‘The Four P’s of Pregnancy’.  We enjoy helping new Mums through pregnancy and meeting the new family member after the big day.  Light Touch Chiropractic can also connect you with a network of amazing Midwifes, Doulas, prenatal Yoga Teachers and other pregnancy resources.

For more more information on holistic parenting see the ‘Well Adjusted Baby’ book at:

Discover your full wellness potential, both for you and your baby, and enjoy the innately wonderful journey to childbirth.  Feel free to pass share this information with your friends.

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Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness

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