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Posted by on Apr 13, 2015

Health Crisis or Opportunity for Collaroy? ©

Health Crisis or Opportunity for Collaroy? ©


A new perspective on health and happiness for Collaroy…


Lack of Flow Leads to Crisis.

Nature holds a deep knowing of our ability to find flow.  Every morning gifts us opportunities to remember this.  You share the same creative force as nature, all of it’s beauty and wonder.  Follow the cues it gives you and, from underneath the layers of accumulated stress, you’ll start to feel your flow.


Life is a constant flow of creative energy.  Being ‘stuck’ occurs when you try to contain that creative energy.  A recurring theme, on the Northern Beaches and beyond is that, when not expressed, creative energy becomes pathology.  We can see it in disease states such as diabetes, cancer, states of mind and psychosis, conflict in relationships or out across communities.


Being stuck in a pattern limits your reality, unbalances your physiology and distorts your structure.  By restraining your creative energy from expressing, you are creating a pressure cooker situation of tension and interference.  Whether it’s a slow boil or a sudden explosion, no vessel can contain the creative energy and exist in harmony, even the universe as a whole must continue to expand.


Crisis as an Opportunity

A release of energy provides fuel.  This fuel can be used in any way you wish.  A crisis serves to release a buildup of energy.  This can provide fuel and an opportunity for change.  The addictions of our educated mind often seek to sabotage this truth, label the crisis as bad and demand that life to go back to what was before.  The wish to ‘go back’ is unhelpful as it is impossible.


A crisis creates suffering to bring an awareness that we are living less than our potential for life.  Holding onto a limiting perspective, even though its season has passed.  Like an ill-fitting overcoat that’s best left hanging on the back of the door.  A door we must then pass through, if we are to experience new seasons of a more authentic self.


You may have already experienced this situation. With your health, a relationship, work or a possibly a combination of these.  Only when you let go and began to flow, will you shift through the crisis.


This process is actually a gift.  What we call a crisis can be seen as a suffering due to a lack of flow.  But when directed to effect positive change, the release of creative energy allows discovery of a more of our authentic self.  When we can view a crisis as an opportunity, it becomes an experience to be explored, not one to merely be endured.


The gift can be difficult to see when stuck in the middle of the crisis.  The feeling of being “stuck” is mostly due to an accumulation of stress in your nerve system.  Stress in the nerve system creates a ‘vigilance’ for any stress in your life.  It’s a positive feedback loop, where you begin to perceive everyday experiences as more stressful than they really are.


This evolutionary leftover, from when we lived in the wild, seems unhelpful.  It was helpful back in the jungle, as it enables you to remember the time you successfully avoided a tiger attack.  This memory puts you on a state of high alert whenever you’re triggered by a tiger’s roar or the sound something big rustling though the shadows.


There aren’t any tigers on the Northern Beaches now, but your threat vigilence system is also triggered in the same manner whenever you encounter a modern day stress.  Research now shows that your ancient stress mechanism that was only meant to be triggered when you encountered the occassional tiger, is now triggering 5-50 times PER DAY.  The modern world never lets your system fully reset out of its stressed state.  This is a  situation we never evolved to be in.


It’s the reason why the Light Touch Process is able to help beyond simple back pain.  We address pain by helping your nerve system reduce accumulated stress and reset back to clarity.  A clear nerve system can be aware of opportunities and not view every situation as a ‘tiger’ that is out to get you.  This breaks the cycle of being ‘stuck’.


Here are 6 steps that help direct your creative energy as a constructive force for positive change.  The first three steps (awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance) are tools we use during intital care to help patients find flow and become ‘unstuck’.


6 steps to turn a Health Crisis into an Opportunity for more life

1) An awareness that the crisis is an opportunity.
2) Be open to and acknowledge opportunities arising in the presence of concentrated creative energy.
3) Accept the crisis or concentrated creative energy as fuel for the shift to a better state.
4) Adapt to the opportunity, cross the threshold, seek what is on the other side. Creating a vision of this by asking, “How good can it get”.
5) Realising the answer was where you were ‘stuck’ and ascend beyond your current level of observation.
6) Use the gift of your creative energy and take action.

(Awareness > Acknowledgement > Acceptance > Adaptability > Ascension > Action)


Reduction of accumulated stress brings clarity which allows a crisis to be seen as a release of creative energy that can provide opportunities and initiate flow.  Once this is directed to construct healthy changes you can transcend the original state and move beyond suffering.


Your nerve system developed in nature, but modern life constantly exposes you to stresses that can stifle the flow of creative energy.  This may eventually generate another crisis.  The Light Touch Process not only helps you clear the stress accumulated in the past, it also helps your nerve system build strategies for adapting to modern stress occuring in the present.


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Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness