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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014

Manly’s Easiest Detox ©

Manly’s Easiest Detox ©


Springtime in Manly means renewal, a healthy change

It’s a great time to detox and introduce a habit or two that will create more wellness in your week. Unfortunately, many people fail to benefit from the ‘spring clean’ because:

a) There’s too much confusing and unqualified information.

b) It’s too complicated and difficult… “Couldn’t be bothered”.

So help make it easy I have created the clearest and most simple “no excuses” spring clean ever.

First we are going to simplify the rules – by getting rid of them. Instead we’ll have a few basic principles. When you have principles you don’t need rules. Principles provide adaptable guidelines that make health easier to attain.


Easy detox principles for Manly

1) Your current level of health is a direct result of your habitual thoughts, actions and experiences.  If you want to enjoy more health, introduce healthier habits.  Introduce a consistent positive change.

2) When in Manly, thou shalt!
A detox usually means removing something.  However, starting a new habit with deprivation rarely works.  Instead of choosing an old habit and saying, “Thou shalt not”, we will introduce new healthy habits.  Over time the healthy habits tend to take the place of the unhealthy ones.  Making success easier by creating health abundance.

3) You are nature.
You evolved to express health in a natural environment. But we no longer live in nature. Modern society is a human zoo. It constantly bombards your natural system with stress and deprives you of the essential natural ingredients required to create health.  We need to reverse this situation.

4) Your living environment is divided into three aspects;
Chemical – the way you EAT, the things you put in or on your self.
Physical – the way you MOVE, the type and level of physical stimuli
Mental-emotional – the way you THINK, how you perceive your world


Easy Detox Recipe

We can combine the four principles to introduce a new healthy habit that creates sufficient nutrients in each aspect of life (Eat, Move, Think) –  AS NATURE INTENDED.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated life makeover.  Just start one habit from each of the chemical, physical, mental-emotional aspects of life and build a habit by doing it for a month.  Choose things that are simple and sustainable.  Being consistent is the key!


Examples of new healthy habits:

An extra piece of fruit before lunchtime
Enjoy a daily fresh vegetable juice
Add 2 big glasses of water per day
Introduce natural soaps and grooming products

Take a ‘posture break’ every 30 minutes when sitting at work/study
Add 30 minutes of outdoor activity per week
Remove your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass (or beach) every day
Take time out for 5 mindful breathes, 4 seconds in, and 6 seconds out

Gratitude Time!  Take 2 minutes to focus on things you are grateful for
Watch the sunrise or sunset in silence.  Start with once a week
Before bed time, have an hour free from electronic devices – TV, computers, smartphone


Manly health starts here and now

Start today, be consistent and watch how the unhealthy habits disappear by themselves.  A healthy spring detox really is that simple.  Enjoy!

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Kind Regards,

Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness

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