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Posted by on Mar 9, 2015

Find Yourself in the Waves at Collaroy ©

Find Yourself in the Waves at Collaroy ©


Sitting at Collaroy Beach after a Bold & Beautiful swim..


I was asked a simple question – simple, not easy…  How do you help someone find hope?  Well, first we need to understand where hopeless-ness happens.

Hopeless-ness is emptiness, a disconnection from the universal truth that you are your own perfection.  It’s the result of a society that puts emphasis on ‘thinking’ our way through life, at the cost of ‘feeling’.

Thinking is a process that involves conscious awareness – perception.  Research shows that your conscious awareness of reality is only about 50 bits of information from your present environment every second.  Whilst the rest of your nerve system is actually taking in a whopping 11 million bits of information per second.

You are not consciously aware of that 11 million bits of information, but you do ‘feel’ and respond to it.  This occurs in that intuitive place behind perception, called ‘neuro-ception’.  Neuroception is a term for the subconscious awareness of the nerve system as it constantly assesses your external and internal world.  It emerged from the latest scientific theories behind the ‘somato-psychic’ connection.  Somato-psychic means the intersection of physiology (somato = body) and psychology (psych = mind). The place where health is created.

Do the math… Only 50 bits out of a possible 11 million bits make it to conscious thought.  If you see the world simply as “I think therefore I am”, then you’re only acknowledging 0.00045% of your reality.  That’s a whole lot of life you are missing out on.


Where the disconnection starts…


Some time ago, perhaps when you were a child, a figure of authority told you to ‘sit still’ and listen. Your developing nerve system which has been innately hard wired by evolution to obey and seek acceptance into the tribe makes you feel a strong desire to be a good child, to be accepted.  So you sat still.

The alternative to gaining tribal acceptance is abandonment. Banished alone in a jungle that’s full of ‘tigers’, starvation and other threats is a deep primal fear for a young nerve system.

So you disconnected from and those natural feelings to move. You used your ‘rational’ mind to override your body and you sat still.  Using ‘thought’ to disconnect from ‘feeling’ for the sake of survival – this less than healthy strategy has now become a go to response to life’s challenges.

It can happen so easily.  You do as you are told, and as you ‘do’, you cease to ‘be’.  Nature never intended you to be a human doing.  Maybe it wasn’t an authority figure, that’s just one example.  It can be many of modern life’s events, even long series of lessor but chronic events.

The end result is an accumulation of stress caused by living in a human zoo.  A modern world that is at odds with how we evolved to live.  This situation forces your natural human system to disconnect and, over time, conditions it to stay disconnected.

The disconnection occurring at the level of our neuroception is as much a disconnection from the self, as it is from the external environment, thus compromising health and enjoyment of life.

The tragedy in this is that only through a balance of perception and neuroception can you grow, create and develop to be all that you are.

Unfortunately for most of us, our neuroception is now locked away behind a door of disconnection and being able to live that full potential that you possess can only be realised though reconnection.  Reconnecting with the self is a necessary step if with you wish to enjoy more health and discover more life.

But you were that good child and, knowing the importance of being accepted, the good child learned to jump through the required hoops.  Hoops that were in conflict with your evolutionary requirements for full development.  Hoops that merely conditioned you for a place on society’s conveyor belt.  Inching your way towards a pre-defined ‘success’, a success that somehow never satisfies, and is always a little out of reach…


Did you ever notice that about happiness and success?


How the success we think we want, we think we need, is always beyond us?  You get what you think you wanted only to find that, it isn’t what you want?  That’s because what you’re desperately seeking isn’t ‘out there’.  It isn’t more fortune or feeding the ego.  You are yearning to reconnect with that 11 billion bits of reality, lying hidden within yourself every second.

That is the something more that you seek.  It’s held in the tensions of your system, locked away where you can’t access it.

The last time you really felt was probably back when you were told to stop feeling.  Back when you were that happy flowing child, before you banished feelings for controlled thought…


Do you really want to sit still, stuck in your head thinking for the sake of acceptance?


That same disconnection from feeling is probably the reason people often reduce yoga to ‘stretching’ and why meditation seems such an effort.  Meditation…  You know, where you sit yourself down, force yourself to sit still, ‘mindfully’ then try to find peace.  If you find meditation tough, it’s probably because you’ve just created a very similar scenario to one that disconnected you in the first place, way back when you were feared out of your feelings.

Why do we sometimes hear people say ‘meditation is such an effort’?  Trying to meditate through perception can actually trigger fear at the level of neuroception.  Why do injuries sometimes occur with safe yoga?  It’s because you can’t hear the neuroception messages from your body letting you know to “go easy here, stop this pose, too far, too long etc”.


northern beaches manly chiro yoga meditation


Manly’s solution for reconnection – simple, (and  easy)…


The path back to your best life doesn’t have to be a chore.  Beyond the pain, tension, anxiety and fatigue, of your current world there is a simple way you can reconnect.  If we can think ourselves out into emptiness and hopeless-ness, we can feel our way back to hope and fulfillment.

Authentic meditation and yoga do work, you just need to have your nerve system in a state where you can realise the benefits of these activities.  The first step is letting your neuroception, know that it is safe.  As one of professors at the forefront of this science says, if your neuroception doesn’t feel safe, you’ll never unlock your potential.

The Light Touch process focusses on liberating your neuroception, this makes us unique.  It’s the reason Light Touch can be so gentle yet have profound results with pain, tension, chronic situations, anxiety, fatigue etc.  The interference in your neuroception is the foundation for most of this suffering.

Gentle, specific light touch inputs along your spine let your nerve system feel that it is safe to reconnect.  Your system connects and your breath comes easier, as it moves in waves up and down your spine.  With progress through the process, your nerve system further conditions, building strategies to maintain the connection.  Shifting your nerve system from survival mode creates health, and more enjoyment in life.

In the mean time, let nature give you a taste of what it is like to feel.  Wander down to the water’s edge at Manly Beach, early in the morning and take a moment to ‘get your feel on’.  Find yourself in the waves.

Smile like sunbeams glaring off icebergs, there’s so much more beneath your surface.
Wade on in, this is for you, melt that ice,
Fall on through, dive deep, find your feet.
Stretch yourself, reach to where you want to be, catch it bring it closer.
Trust what you find, breathe in, breathe that wave along yourself.
Expand, with a heart that can pump oceans, let it flow.
Turn the other cheek again breathe, now you’re moving, now you’re here.
Open reach trust breathe wave move flow feel, feel, feel, feel…
Welcome home.

Take a moment to feel, feel what’s really missing.  Don’t try to think it, feel it.


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Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness