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Light Touch Corporate Care™


Remember the days when things were used, and people were loved?

People aren’t things to be used.  People are assets, people ARE your business.  As Richard Branson says, “A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product”.

Have a look around the office when the people have left, do you see any productivity?  Is anything being created, is anything growing, are breakthroughs being made?  Productivity occurs when the people are present.  By this we mean when their talents are present, they are focussed and the reason that you hired them is delivering 100%.

Your business is not a mechanism – it is an ecosystem.  The more health your people possess, the more adaptable, creative and productive they can be.  Neuroscience shows that the stress of modern living actually causes disconnection (even shrinking) of parts of the brain that are required for creativity, learning and concentration…

Who wants staff that lack creativity, concentration and the ability to learn and grow?  It’s no use assembling a team of highly paid, top professionals if their talents aren’t ‘present’.  Reducing physiologically retained stress allows people to once again begin expressing the important qualities that are vital to the success of your business.

Dr Andrew Maher’s Light Touch Process™ is your most effective strategy for reducing physiologically retained stress and liberating the talents of your team.  The benefits of a congruent nerve system extends far beyond the health of the individual.

Let your organisation take a leap to the next level of performance and productivity.  Have our unique, gentle Light Touch Process™ delivered directly to your team.  Talk to us today about Light Touch Corporate Care™.