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Posted by on Aug 12, 2015

Ora – Manly Health Cafe ©

Ora – Manly Health Cafe ©


Light Touch Chiropractic offers Collaroy and Northern Beaches a Chiropractor that goes beyond the conventional offerings…


We combine cutting edge science and the natural healing ability of the body, to address the cause of your health concerns.

So imagine the joy of finding Ora, a new health café in Manly that also goes beyond the conventional and addresses health at the cause – by providing real food that tastes great.

Ora showcases Alex Johnson’s passion for holistic food preparation.  Alex’s mission has resulted in a menu of real food that allows your body to naturally create health.


Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates 400bc


From the moment you walk in you realise this place is different.  The walls inside Ora are covered with a mural explaining how real food leads to the creation of health.  It’s an indicator of just how much love and work goes into preparing their meals.


manly chiropractor ora northern beaches health cafe


The extra effort starts with sourcing the healthiest raw produce.  Alex headed all the way to Victoria for the biodynamic, un-homognenised milk and personally visits the chickens that lay Ora’s eggs.

Almost all the ingredients at Ora are organic (marked if not) and most are homemade, including the ghee, sauerkraut and chilli sauce.  ALL water used on-site is carefully filtered.

Meals are prepared using traditional materials (no teflon or unsafe plastics), even though this adds extra work to cooking and clean-up.  Ora also take care to employ procedures and materials that minimise environmental impact.

Every meal is carefully crafted as a carefully balanced complete ‘package’ of nutrients, allowing your body can obtain all the goodness from the food.  So you don’t want to modify the meals, and whether you’re vego, paleo, gluten, or sugar free there’s something for everyone.

Ora take time with their raw ingredients, soaking the nuts and seeds used in their food to reduce phytic acid and activate the full complement of nutrients.  For the dairy-free brigade there’s homemade cashew, almond or coconut milk.


manly chiropractor nothern beaches ora health cafe


The Light Touch key to optimal health is simple:

Humans evolved in nature, to express our optimal health as part of nature.  Our natural systems didn’t evolve to process the many modern stresses in today’s lifestyle.  Unprocessed stresses become physically stored throughout the body, obstructing our natural balance and causing health problems.   Addressing retained stress allows your body to naturally rebalance and optimise health.  Light Touch Chiropractic’s focus is clearing physically retained stress. 


Alex’s meticulous attention to Ora’s menu provides your body with food that are free from the nutritional stresses we normally find in much of our modern food.  Ora’s meals are rich in omega3 essential fatty acids (…which don’t make you fat) and feature fermented ingredients that improve your digestion and immune function.

Did I mention how good their real food tastes?  You really need to sample the Ora Breakfast plate and the totally unique Savoury Porridge.  Perhaps with a Tumeric Latte or the Friendly Coffee – an amazing option for a healthier coffee fix.

Ora is just up the road, at 17B Whistler St, Manly.  Open every day from 7am to 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm).  Head over and check it out after your next Light Touch adjustment.


Dr Andrew Maher

MChiro  BScChiro  BTechEng  CertIV Fitness


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