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Your Gentle Chiropractic Solution

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The solution for moving from pain and injuries, to discovering a new level of health and happiness.

In today’s world, addressing the universal problem of physically retained stress is the solution to enjoying more from life.  Removing accumulated stress tensions and reconditioning yourself back to a state of balance is a rewarding journey.


As the name suggests, the Light Touch Chiropractic Process™ uses very gentle inputs.

With the Light Touch Process you are shown where your body is retaining stress and how it is effecting you.  The gentle Light Touch contacts give your nerve system an awareness of where it is storing tension patterns of retained stress.  This awareness allows your stress response to relax from its habitual tension patterns of defense and dis-ease, back to one of balance and healing.


Your body’s natural ability to integrate retained stresses and self-correct is re-awakened.

Our gentle Chiropractic adjustments trigger your ‘relaxation response’, reversing the stress accumulation.  Your system’s natural process of healing begins a process of releasing stored tension and interference.  Movement is improved and pain sensitivity reduced as your body transitions through layers of retained stress.  Pain, injury and symptoms are resolved by addressing the underlying stress tension patterns that cause them.


Light Touch Chiropractic has effects far beyond superficial pain removal.

Continued removal of retained stress via the Light Touch Process allows you experience an increase level of health and enjoyment in all aspects of life.  Your system works through deeper, older patterns of habitual tension.  Restoring balance and correct function at this level uncovers greater adaptability and resilience to the demands of everyday life.  Energy levels, performance and productivity improves.


You live more connected with your world, acting freely from your higher brain centres.

Ease of physical movement and postural balance indicates that your whole system is breaking free from retained stress, allowing ease and flexibility.  With this comes a feeling of clarity and being more present.  Taking effective action to improve your life requires nerve system clarity. Physically retained stress locks you in life-limiting patterns, thinking and acting from the primitive brain centres that are associated with the stress response.  Removing retained stress frees you from living in a state of reaction and defense.   Living clearly and making decisions from your higher brain centres is the essence of creating and enjoying your best life.


Consistent clarity allows you to constantly enjoy your best life.

The more your system clears through retained stresses, the easier it is to live in a state of  health and growth.  We are constantly accumulating the stress of modern life, so the process of releasing stress and maintaining clarity is an ongoing process.  Ensuring your system is free from the interference of retained stress is similar to keeping your teeth clean and free from damaging buildup…  Except that your nerve system can’t be replaced like teeth can.


Light Touch patients have access to the easily implemented health strategies.

As a patient you will find Manly’s Light Touch Chiropractic is a valuable resource for healthy living.  You will be provided with easy to implement principles on moving, eating and thinking in a manner that helps you live a life of true health.  We form a partnership to achieve your health goals.


Start your journey today.

Light Touch Chiropractic’s unique, gentle chiropractic care enables you to release your true health potential and rediscover the enjoyment of 100% life.