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   Restore movement, function and balance


                           Resolve injuries, relieve aches and pain


                                                      Remove limitations, increase performance


                                                                                                          Realise your true potential


 Manly’s Light Touch Chiropractic offers unique gentle chiropractic care for the Northern Beaches

Combining contemporary science with your body’s natural ability to heal.  Supporting your own innate healing ability with safe, gentle, personalised care.  Providing a profound healing experience and your most effective path to a healthier, happier life.

chiropractor manly backpain Light Touch ChiropracticYou are natural vitality

Born smart, strong and beautiful.  You possess a genetic intelligence that evolved over millions of years – you are healthy and whole.  By nature you are self-healing and self-regulating, constantly striving to express true health and 100% life.  Your ability to adapt and respond allows you to live your best life in the natural living environment you evolved for.


Physically accumulated stress

It’s the single biggest factor limiting your health and enjoyment of life.  Modern society bombards you with physical, chemical and mental/emotional stress.  Stress accumulates and is retained in your physiology over time.  This causes interference to your nerve system that suppresses your natural vital state and limits your health potential.  It is seen as common problems such as fatigue, tension, aches and pain, dysfunction, reduced clarity and eventually disease.


Freedom from retained stresses

This is the key to enjoying more of your life.  Manly Chiropractor Dr Andrew Maher’s unique Light Touch Chiropractic process incorporates specific, gentle chiropractic inputs applied to the spine and body.  These light contacts trigger your nerve system to release accumulated stress, re-balancing your whole body and restoring ease.

Removing layers of accumulated stress and associated tensions increases healing.  This leads to improved mobility, posture, function and performance as you remove pain and symptoms.

Reducing patterns of retained stress restores your body’s natural resilience and adaptability to future events allowing for more enjoyment of life.


We are conveniently located in the Qi Health and Yoga complex. 9 The Corso, Manly.  Phone  9976 6880.

Enjoy more life today, visit Manly’s Light Touch Chiropractic for gentle chiropractic care