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The Problem


Manly Chiropractor backpain injury statue


  •    pain or injury?

  •    poor posture?

  •    lack of energy?

  •    chronic condition?

  •    tendency for illness?

  •    reduced performance?

  •    feeling overwhelmed?


The common factor with all of these problems is physically retained stress.

Your body evolved with only one strategy for dealing with stress – ‘the fight or flight stress response’.  This developed to help you survive a sudden, life threatening event that might occur in your wild habitat.  But in your modern living environment, away from the natural world you evolved for, your stress response actually harms you.


The stress response drastically alters the function of every single system in your body.

As a short term survival strategy the stress response works well.  It changes your posture and movement, your energy levels, digestion, immunity, cardiovascular and brain function to help you survive a sudden threat to life.  Though helpful during short term situations, these changes are actually very harmful if sustained over a long time period.


Modern life exposes you to physical, chemical and mental-emotional stresses everyday.

In today’s world, the sudden life threatening situations of a natural habitat are replaced by constant low-level stresses of modern living.   These new unnatural stresses still trigger your stress response, then keep it switched on at a low-level.  This confuses your body as it tries to deal with a sustained stress response – something it never evolved to do.  Your body strives to restore healthy balance against the changes brought about by modern stress, causing energy levels and performance to decline.


In striving to cope, your body compromises its natural healthy state.

Your ability to adapt to daily life and maintain a healthy balance continues to reduce.  You become ‘stuck’ in a state of imbalance.  The stresses accumulate as tension, nerve interference and compromised function (remember, the stress response alters every system in the body).  Layers of low level, chronic stress response locks deep into your nerve system leaving you susceptible to injury, pain and illness.  It is these layers of retained stress that move you away from health.  Scientists are coining this process ‘allostatic load‘.


Your body becomes disconnected from its self-healing and self-regulating abilities.

Injury and illness rarely occur at the start of this process – back pain, neck pain, injuries etc are the end result of  a system trying to function under layers of retained stress.  Over time, your layers of retained stress have fatigued the bodies ability to restore health.  Pain and sickness are an indication you have moved a long way from your true health potential.  If left unaddressed, the layers of retained stress can eventually lead to chronic diseases of lifestyle.


The Northern Beaches now has a gentle Chiropractic solution to the problem.

You can reverse this process back beyond pain, injury and symptoms, to rediscover the level health you deserve.  You can correct postural and movement imbalances, improve body function and liberate your healing process.  You can re-discover peak performance and 100% life.  Light Touch Chiropractic’s gentle care in Manly is your solution…


Your Solution