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About Light Touch Chiropractic Collaroy

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Collaroy’s Light Touch Chiropractic offers unique, gentle care for the Northern Beaches. Focused on addressing the underlying cause of pain and stress, without forceful cracking or twisting. Light Touch provides a fresh scientific approach to natural, holistic healthcare so you enjoy a better life. Read more…

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Surfing Back Pain – Not so Manly ©

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013

  Would you knowingly set yourself up for a wipeout? We’re not talking about doing it  for the opportunity of a great wave, nor for a cool photo opportunity… No, just setting yourself up for a painful hammering that will take you out of surfing (for at least 6 weeks) and stop you from enjoying your daily work and social activities.  You wouldn’t do it.  But this is the type of wipeout that happens to a lot of surfers… Lower back or lumbar spine injuries are surprisingly common for Manly Beach surfers. There is NOTHING cool about a dodgy back that makes you weaker than a sick kitten and...