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Optimise your Health with Light Touch Collaroy


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Collaroy’s Light Touch Chiropractic liberates your health potential.

An amazing health potential resides within you – right now.  You already possess a natural vitality that’s constantly striving to balance your systems and create health.  By nature, you are self-healing and self-regulating.


Every single cell in your body contains a blueprint for health.

A complete package of ALL the information required to make another one of you resides within every cell.  When able to function with clarity, this information provides for you to create and maintain a level of physical health, mental clarity and consciousness far beyond what  is accepted as ‘normal’.


In essence you are pure potential.

The potential to access and enjoy this true health and 100% life exists within you right now.  You can begin the journey back to rediscovering and expressing your potential today.


You were born, smart, strong and beautiful.

The creation of health requires a body that can self correct and re-balance. Your bodymind has a built-in genetic intelligence that evolved over millions of years in nature. And just like nature, you possesses a natural ability to find balance. This natural ability to respond and adapt allows you to create health and live your best life, in the natural environment you evolved for.


So why aren’t you actually enjoying this amazing health potential right now?

There’s an obstruction that’s disconnecting you from the level of health that is possible…


Manly Chiropractor backpain injury statue


  •    pain or injury?

  •    poor posture?

  •    lack of energy?

  •    chronic condition?

  •    tendency for illness?

  •    reduced performance?

  •    feeling overwhelmed?


The primary condition common to all of these problems is ‘Physically Retained Stress’.

Stress is not always a problem. Your body evolved with a strategy for dealing with stress – ‘the stress response’ (also called ‘fight-flight-freeze’).  This response developed to help you survive a sudden, threat to your life in the wild. It is very helpful during a life or death stress that you might have experienced in a natural habitat.

But in your modern living environment, away from the natural world you evolved for, your stress response becomes confused. It activates too often and it fails to completely switch off again. This situation accumulates over time, limiting your level of performance, health, growth and recovery until it eventually begins to cause harm causing secondary conditions.


The stress response evolved to drastically alter every single body function.

As a short term survival strategy the stress response works well.  It changes your posture, your movement, energy levels, digestion, immunity, cardiovascular system, brain functions and emotion. It shifts every aspect of your physiology to what’s necessary for surviving a sudden life threat.  Though helpful during short term situations, these changes, even at subtle level become unhealthy if sustained over a long time period.


Modern life exposes you to physical, chemical and mental-emotional stresses everyday.

In today’s world, the short term life threatening situations of our original natural habitat are replaced by the lower-level but more constant stresses of modern living. These new unnatural stresses still trigger your stress response, at a lower level, but then keep it switched on for a far longer time than nature intended.  Your body as it lacks strategies and resources to deal with a sustained stress response – something it hasn’t evolve for.  This sets up conflicts between the many body systems as they strive to restore normal healthy balance against the changes brought about by the stress response. The result is a lot of ‘noise’ in the nervous system, causing energy levels, performance and health to decline.


In striving to cope, your body compromises its natural healthy state.

Your ability to adapt to daily life and maintain a healthy balance continues to reduce.  So too the precision with which your system can fine tune its complex physiology. You become ‘stuck’ in a state of imbalance, no longer able to self correct.

The stress accumulates, which is experienced as patterns of physical tension, nerve interference which leads to compromised function, low energy levels and altered mental capacities (remember, the stress response alters EVERY system in the body).

Layers of low level, chronic stress become retained deep in your nerve system, leaving you less robust and more susceptible to injury, pain and illness.  It is these layers of Physically Retained Stress that cause the disconnection from the true level of health that we should be enjoying every day.  Physiologists call this process ‘Allostatic Load‘.  You experience it as Physically Retained Stress.


The ‘slow emergency’ of being disconnected from your self-healing and self-regulating abilities.

Injury and illness rarely occur at the start of this process – back pain, neck pain, injuries etc are the result of a system that has already been trying to function and re-balance under layers of retained stress for quite some time.  Your layers of retained stress have gradually fatigued the body’s ability to self correct and maintain a high level of health.

Pain, sickness and fatigue are an indication you have moved a long way from your true health potential and, if left unaddressed, the layers of retained stress can eventually lead to chronic diseases of lifestyle.


The Northern Beaches now has a gentle solution to this problem.

Don’t settle for a life lacking in health, vitality and passion. We want for you to live you best life, beyond the ordinary. The solution is to reduce the physically retained stress, recondition your nerve system develop strategies to process the stresses of modern life and let it awaken to a new level of life.  Along the way you can correct structural and movement imbalances, improve body function and enjoy higher levels of energy and fulfillment.


manly chiropractor natural health hand

The solution for moving from pain and injuries, to discovering a new level of health and happiness.

In today’s world, addressing the universal problem of physically retained stress is the solution to enjoying more from life.  Removing accumulated stress tensions and reconditioning yourself back to a state of balance is a rewarding journey of discovery.


As the name suggests, Manly’s Light Touch Chiropractic uses very gentle inputs.

With the Light Touch Process™ you are shown where your body is retaining stress and how it is effecting you.  The gentle Light Touch contacts create a novel input that focuses the nerve system’s attention to areas of realtive ease. This suspends the physically retained stress long enough for the system’s self awareness to create strategies that integrate the stored patterns.  With increasing awareness your body regains it’s ability to self correct and the habitual patterns of defense physiology are replaced by a state of balance, growth and healing.


Your body’s natural ability to integrate retained stresses and self-correct is re-awakened.

Our gentle Chiropractic adjustments trigger your system to re-develop its ‘relaxation responses’, reversing the stress accumulation. Almost immediately you will become aware of improved movement, ease of breath and a reduction to pain sensitivity as your body transitions through its layers of retained stress.  We focus on addressing the primary condition of physically retained stress, which liberates your natural healing ability to reinstate health.


Light Touch Chiropractic has effects far beyond superficial pain removal.

Continued removal of retained stress via the Light Touch Process allows you experience an increase level of health, happiness and achievement in all aspects of life.  Your system continues to work deeper, through ever  older patterns, continually liberating the ability to self correct and optimise function. The strategies learnt by your system provide greater adaptability and resilience to present and future demands of everyday life.  Increased  energy levels, provide performance and productivity improvements and the potential for more in life.


Enjoy a deeper connection to your world, with clarity of thought and confidence in yourself.

Increased ease of breath and movement indicates that your whole system, your whole life, is breaking free from retained stress.

Taking effective action to improve your life requires nerve system clarity. Physically retained stress locks you into life-limiting patterns of ‘surviving’, thinking and acting from the lower, reactionary brain centres.  Removing retained stress lets you shift you from living in a endless state of reaction and defense.  Living clearly and making decisions from your higher brain centres is the essence of creating and enjoying a better life.


Consistent clarity leads to constant improvement.

The more your system clears through retained stresses, the more it creates a habit of balance and living in a state of health and growth.  Ensuring your system is free from the interference of retained stress is similar to keeping your teeth clean and free from damaging buildup…  Except that you only have one central nerve system that can’t be replaced like teeth can. your nerve system is your reality system – keep it clear.


Light Touch patients have access to simple foundational health strategies.

As a patient you will find that Collaroy’s Light Touch Chiropractic is a valuable resource for healthy living. We form a partnership to achieve your health goals. You will be provided with easy to implement principles on movement, nutrition and the healthy mindset that build’s a life of true health.


Start your journey today.

Light Touch Chiropractic’s unique, gentle chiropractic care enables you to release your true health potential and rediscover the enjoyment of 100% life.