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Light Touch Chiropractic – gentle Collaroy Chiropractor


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Collaroy’s Light Touch Chiropractic – unique health care for the Northern Beaches


Do you enjoy those times when life just seems to flow?  You’re healthy, clear and full of energy. Life is moving forward, it’s easy and it feels good.  Our unique, gentle Light Touch Chiropractic at Collaroy lets you rediscover that feeling.

By combining contemporary science with the natural healing ability of the human body we provide our gentle blend of neuro-structural optimisation without forceful cracking or twisting.


You may be experiencing one or more of the following:

Back or neck pain
Muscle tension
Restricted joint movement
Posture imbalances
Repetitive injuries
Reduced performance and recovery
Fatigue and low energy
Anxiety or poor focus
Disconnection and a lack of clarity
Compromised immune function
Chronic illness


There is a common factor underlying all of these secondary conditions…


Physically Retained Stress

Your nerve system is responsible for the healthy function of every process in your body.  It defines how you perceive the world around you.  Every decision you make and every action you perform also relies on the clarity of your nerve system.

Increasingly, science is showing that our central nerve system is stressed by the many aspects of modern daily life that we never evolved for in our natural habitat.  These unresolved stress responses begin to physically accumulate, obstructing the nerve system’s normal function.  This Physically Retained Stress creates chronic imbalances throughout the body, that lead to health problems we often notice as the secondary conditions listed above.


manly northern beaches chiropractor light touch chiropractic



Light Touch Collaroy Chiropractor, addresses the Physically Retained Stress.

We assess your current concern with regards to your overall health to investigate how it relates to Physically Retained Stress and any other secondary conditions to provide you with a better understanding of your situation.

Our treatment includes a unique approach of light contacts applied at specific locations along and near the spine.  These gentle inputs trigger the release of Physically Retained Stress from deep within the central nerve system.

Removing physically retained stress and restoring clarity to the nerve system, the system that controls everything, addresses the secondary conditions by allowing the body to restore its natural balance and rediscover health.

Subtle but profound, Light Touch Chiropractic provides a fresh approach to natural, holistic healthcare.  Discover the difference and enjoy more of your life.


Learn more…

Why Light Touch?  Because the solution must address the cause of the problem… A labour of love. An old building, and a new Northern Beaches Chiropractic clinic…


Dr Andrew Maher Chiropractor Manly

Dr Andrew Maher, Chiropractor, Collaroy.